Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Love In Long Island City {Gantry Plaza State Park Engagement Portraits}



P.S.  These are two of the kindest, most patient clients I've ever had. And they're gorgeous and photogenic to-boot. This session was an absolute blast for me to capture and edit, and I hope these are worth the wait for them. 

They were patient during our shoot because I wanted to shoot until the city lights lit up (I've never shot in the dark- can't wait to do it again!), and patient on the back end because they've been waiting a while for these images since it's a really busy season for me.  I have the best clients.  Thanks, you two! 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Coming Soon...

Gantry Plaza State Park Engagement Portraits.  Can't wait to show you!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

B Family Portraits {Upper West Side, New York City}

Just a few from one of my favorite family sessions to-date.  The weather was perfect, the light was gorgeous, and at times it felt like we had the entire city to ourselves.  I love it when sessions scream NYC, and this one definitely does.  Especially if you're someone who loves the Upper West Side as much as I do.  I particularly love the contrast of city and Central Park, as well as the shots of them pushing their little man in his stroller.  That's how we families get around here in NYC!  Speaking of their son,  could he be any cuter? Doubt it.  

This family of three became four just a few days after these portraits were taken.  I hope they will look back and be grateful for these images that captured a moment in time before everything changed.

As it always does, and always too quickly.