Monday, October 6, 2008

Art quiz

Look familiar? If not, I won't tease you, but you might want to brush up on your art history. I guess this is pretty blasphemous when you put it in context. oh well. I like it just the same.


Hot Hot JJ said...

Love it! With Ella the age that she is you can do a lot of Madonna and child photos! Wouldn't that be great!

Jenny and Al said...

The Creation of Adam by one of those ninja turtles, Michaelangelo (sp?), right?

erin said...

Funny. :)

Emily said...

Let's say it's not blasphemous, but rather a celebration of the amazing ability that God has shared with you and Kyle in creating a life. Yeah, yeah, that's it. :)

I have these moments of "wow, that's so CRAZY that we've created this thing that I now feel wiggling around in there..." It IS quite amazing.

Ella's cute, too!