Thursday, February 5, 2009

Anniversary Fiesta

So, every year we have a dinner to celebrate my Mom and Dad's anniversary. Every year we have a theme, and this year we had a fiesta. It was loads of fun and the food was amazing. We had shredded chicken tacos with all the fixins, Erin made seven layer dip, and my grandparents brought fresh chips and salsa from the amazing La Casita. We bought green apple, pineapple, and orange soda from the Latino aisle at the grocery store (always fun to try something new), and had virgin strawberry daquiris. Delicious. For dessert I made Macaroni Grill's version of tres leches cake, Lemon Passion. It takes a lot of prep and has essentially four different recipes, but it's completely worth it. It's my new favorite cake.

We decorated with Martha Stewart's tissue pom poms hanging from the ceiling and lots of candles and confetti on the table. We made place cards and wrote names in Spanish 'daughter number two, mom, grandma' etc. I don't speak Spanish, so I looked up the terms on a translator site. Hopefully they were close :)

Themes are so much fun and make special occasions even more fantastic. It's even more fun when people dress up according to the theme. Try it!


Melissa said...

I'm still figuring out how you do it all! You're just amazing, Les! This is beautiful and I'm sure it was so special for your parents!

Amy said...

Very cute! I'm doing a fiesta for Ava's first birthday. I was debating on what cake to make and now I think I might have to try the tres leches. Sounds good. Yum.

Melissa said...

Holy Cow, Leslie! You know how to throw a party!