Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pillowcase Dress

I made this pillowcase dress this morning and absolutely love how it turned out. I love the classic look of the ribbon and the simple lines of the dress. I added a little rolled rose for a decorative accent too. This is a perfect sewing project for thos of you who don't have much time. It was by far the easiest dress I have ever made. The tutorial from Leslie at A Room Somewhere was really easy to follow as well and I highly recommend it.

However, my daughter does not like the bow closure one bit. She was disconcerted by the bow and just wanted to untie it, which meant the dress fell right off. Maybe I'll double knot it and try again :)

I wish I would have found THIS tutorial from Freshly Picked first- you use elastic instead of ribbon in the casing, and you make extra long bias tape for not only the armhole casing, but it's also used to create the ribbon closure at the shoulder. It would take a few minutes longer, but I think it would be worth it. Especially since I'll probably have to pack this away for later or sell it in my Etsy shop with a rolled rose clip to match (I've never sold anything there, so perhaps this would be a good start!). I made it really long, so it could fit a 4-5 year old.

So, for an older child try THIS pillowcase dress tutorial

for a younger toddler try THIS pillowcase dress tutorial

Also, I tried french seams for the first time and I'll never look back. I've tried a few different technique to finish my edges so that they aren't raw, but this is definitely my favorite.


Jodie said...

Darling dress! And French seams are DEFINITELY my favorite as well--especially since I don't have a serger. Maybe one day...

Kel said...

love the simplicity of the concept and design!

Tanna said...

Beautiful dress! Could you share how you made the rolled rose? Thanks!