Monday, May 2, 2011

Trip {Portrait of a Tiny New Yorker}

There's nothing I love more than capturing families as they are.  One of the most valuable lessons I learned in graduate school is that in order for a historic object to be truly valued and valuable, it has to be authentic (I studied architectural history and historic conservation, if you're wondering).  I use that knowledge every day in my photography.  I try to be as authentic and honest in my storytelling as I can possibly be.

Yes indeed, we always aim for that perfectly posed portrait, and those happy grins looking right at the camera that make grandmas squeal with delight.  But the images that make my heart skip a beat are the ones that tell a story, show life and emotion as they really are, and make me feel something. 

This family shares an incredible bond, and it was absolutely amazing to be in their home, watching them together, watching them admire their darling baby son. And their darling pooch too. What an honor it is to have clients who allow me to capture them as they are.

Tiny Trip, when you see these portraits twenty years down the road you may find few perfectly synchronized, front-facing smiles, but you will absolutely, whole-heartedly, without-a-doubt know that you were loved.

And that's why I do what I do. 





Katie said...

Wow! Lesley you are amazing! How fun to capture like you said "As they are"

Melissa E Photography said...


Christina G said...

I love the "out and about" pictures--they make me feel like I'm there watching! :)