Tuesday, January 29, 2013

S+F in Central Park {New York City Engagement Portraits}

As if photographing this gorgeous, photogenic, easy-going couple wasn't fun enough, they were some of the kindest clients I've ever met.  Oh, and they had British accents, which really was the cherry on top (given my obsession with all things British). They are actually living here in NYC temporarily for work and will return to England soon.  What a perfect way to celebrate an engagement and capture a little bit of their life here in NYC before returning home!

We started in Central Park on the west side, and ended up on Park Avenue on the East Side, which provided some pretty spectacular backdrops for us to shoot with.  Don't you wish you were this photogenic? I sure do. I'm going to have a hard time not crashing their wedding to take portraits.  Lucky for them, an ocean is between us. Enjoy!







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stacey said...

wow les. your engagement sessions just get better and better! wow. gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous couple.