Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Baby Shower + Tea Party {New York City}

A group of my friends here in NYC got together to plan this baby shower a few weeks back for our friend Tiffany who just gave birth to twin boys!  She loves tea, so my friend Louise decided to have a tea party so that the mother-to-be could relax and enjoy some girl time before life gets crazy with a 2.5 year old son and two tiny baby brothers.

Every element you see below was DIY and created by one of her friends.  The food, the decorations, the flower arrangements, the favors, everything was made by hand by a friend, and came together beautifully to celebrate Tiffany and her baby boys. I have such talented friends! And can I just talk about the scones and petit fours for a minute? They were out-of-this-world good.

Tiffany was the one who threw my fabulous baby shower the week previous, so I wanted to help, and volunteered to do the favors (my favorite!) and the floral arrangements for the centerpieces.  I put together take-home tea kits, that consisted of a gourmet tea bag, tea biscuits, and sugar cubes.  The centerpiece consisted of mini floral arrangements (hydrangea stems in baby food jars) and candles on a simple craft paper runner.  It turned out so beautifully, thanks to my mom who was in town and helped me pull all of my ideas together.

Oh, and I also went into labor during this baby shower.  At one point, Tiffany turned to me and said "wouldn't it be funny if you went into labor during my shower?"  Ha ha.  Really funny.  I had some pretty hilarious experiences trying to play it cool during some rather painful contractions that I assumed were just Braxton Hicks.  Nope.

I loved spending the afternoon with friends in this beautiful scene.  It was just lovely!  Enjoy the pictures!





Hot Hot JJ said...

What a beautiful shower! What is this awesome space where you hosted? Not somebody's house?!

Alisha said...

Fabulous shower and I love your beautiful photos of it!

Alisha said...

And the food! Amazing.

stacey said...

wow. you gals go all-out! amazing!