Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Parade {03.16.2013} New York City

The St. Patrick's Day parade has been a family tradition since the first year we moved here.  It is one of my favorite events in NYC because I feel like you can really connect with people and it's just such an amazing concept to come and cheer on people who are marching in honor of their heritage and beliefs.  We are a wee bit Irish in our family, and I claim it probably more than I should, because I just LOVE love love St. Patrick's Day and always get really into it.  This year was no exception.  We had planned to go to the parade as a family, but when the weather called for heavy snow and temps in the low 30s, we decided to stay home.

But ultimately, I just couldn't stay away. It was an amazing experience that I hope I don't forget.  My daughter was cheering her heart out and making so many weary, cold participates smile and wave in return. It was truly amazing.  I said before that I love this event because I think it facilitates a connection you don't get often here in NYC, and we definitely felt that connection with individuals so strongly, as we were really the only ones nearby, and when we cheered, they heard us!

I felt so connecting to those braving the storm to watch, and obviously to those marching.  It was amazing.  I think I was in tears ten seconds after I arrived.  I just love this parade.  Take a look at these images and you'll get a sense for just how wet and snowy it was.  Aren't these people amazing for marching through it all?

See the green line where they walk? Cool. 

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