Sunday, July 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Rex {Chelsea Piers Birthday Party, NYC}

Happy Birthday to little Rex! This party was pretty much a dream come true for everyone involved. The kids loved the relay races, bouncy houses, balls, trikes, balloons and cake, the parents loved the party too because it was highly entertaining watching the kids (and hilarious too), and the activities provided a fun opportunity to get moving and have fun with their children.  

As you will see, everyone had blast, and the atmosphere was just fantastic.   Hosting an event at Chelsea Piers was so clever, because the staff was in charge of the food and activities, and mom and dad got to focus on all the fun details like the darling favors and decorations, and the amazing cake, and then walk away once the fun was over!  Genius.  Rex's mom always puts together the most amazing events from start-to-finish.  I love how she used the existing color palate at the venue and then built all the other elements around it, and it made everything look so custom and coordinated.  And with all the Thomas the Train custom elements, the event really felt like it was all about this darling soon-to-be three year-old. Which is exactly what it should be!  Enjoy the pictures...







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stacey said...

what a cool party! and beautiful pictures, as always.