Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Regent's Park Roses {London, England}

I'm so far behind with blogging, it's not even funny.  I'm still hopeful that I can get caught up a bit and show you favorite sessions and weddings from last fall (sheesh!), but in the meantime, here are some lovely English roses from one of my favorite places in London: Regent's Park.  It feels as if it's frozen in time, and it's off the beaten path, so I often find that I have the place to myself.   Of the Royal Parks in Central London, you'll find the least amount of tourists here.

The English roses in the gardens are absolutely incredible, and when topped with fresh raindrops, they are perfection. If you visit London, put Regent's Park on your list, and don't miss Queen Mary's Gardens or the Avenue Gardens. It's a tossup, but the Avenue Gardens are my favorite.

To see an evening in Kensington Gardens from 2012, click HERE


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Alisha said...

Simply gorgeous! I adore the first photo of the yellow roses near the beginning of the post. Do you ever sell your pictures? Because I would love to display that shot in my living room. (This is Alisha Cashmore Morgan btw!)