Thursday, May 21, 2009

Workshops with Nicole

During the crazy week of insanity prior to our departure I participated in two fabulous workshops with Nicole Hill Gerulat: Kids+Babies and Food+Tabletop. Erin signed up too and we had a jolly good time. We were supposed to shoot outside with the famous Jane (who is just darling), but since it was raining she set up some studio lights... I've never used studio lights, so it was really fun to try something new! It was great to watch Nicole work and I always learn so much from her. If you ever have a chance to take one of her classes, do it! She's a true teacher because she doesn't with hold any secrets and is happy to see her students learn.

One of Nicole's philosophies is to never rely on photoshop, but rather to get it right the first time and then use photoshop to enhance your images. I wish she could stand behind me and help me get my exposures perfect every time- these are all SOOC people. Yes, straight-out-of-the-camera. Nicole is amazing (and makes me look really good with these next shots). And don't look at the first three if you're hungry. I just ate and they still make me want to eat.


Emily said...

Wow... what kind of studio lighting were you using? They look great!

Melissa said...

Very cool. Good thing your coolness doesn't make me any less cool...because you'd be suckin' up all of the available cool. Ya know? What a cute little Indian! and WHERE is that first desert from? I want one!

Melanie Williams said...

wow. I swear I can reach out and touch those treats.