Saturday, May 2, 2009

30 Strangers: Day 29

Justin Hackworth is an amazing local artist and one of my personal favorites. Each year he does a month-long project where he photographs 30 strangers for 30 days. This year he focused on capturing the relationship between mothers and daughters with one representative per generation. I just happened to be online when he posted about it, so we were one of the lucky thirty who filled up his calendar within 2 hours. My mom, grandma, Ella, and I went and it was wonderful. My friend Alli and her mom were able to participate too.

I knew Justin would be cool because well, I knew he just had to be cool with the images he captures (he even gave me a shout out when I met his darling wife and told her what a fan I was), but I had no idea! He's one of the coolest people I've ever met, hands down. Within five minutes of sitting and chatting I felt like we'd been friends for years. He certainly has an incredible talent for making people feel comfortable, which sure made having our pictures taken absolutely painless, and can you believe it, FUN! We get to see them all next week and I can't wait!

My Grandma absolutely hates having her picture taken. She told Justin 'I am not photogenic, pictures of me never turn out' and he responded 'that's because the wrong person has been taking them.' And boy was he right. She left with all smiles and said "I think I'm going to take Leon back and have his portrait taken too.'

Thanks Justin.


Bryan and Ashley said...

Les, these are such neat pictures.

Hannah S said...

You look great! I love his documentary style. He took photos of my cousin too. here is a link to her blog:

Mari said...

You are so pretty!