Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Diana + Madeline {portrait of a mother and daughter}

There's nothing I enjoy more than capturing relationships through photography. The way people look at the ones they love, the sweet kisses, the laughter and smiles. I had the opportunity to take portraits of one of my dear friends and her daughter last month and they tell a story of their mutual adoration in such a tender way.

Since they moved away at the end of the summer it was wonderful to get together again and spend time with them for a little while. Diana is a classic beauty, don't you think? Stunning. Little Madeline ignored the camera just about as much as my daughter does, but we managed to get a few of those gorgeous eyes and maybe even a few with her smiling.

And if you show up to a photo shoot to 'observe' you are fair game in my book... you'll see at the end that Diana and Madeline weren't the only two who fell victim to being shot. Mwoooo-haha! (said with an evil, evil voice).


Andy Earl said...

You really need to teach me how to make my blog look as good as yours. It is great!

erin said...

Darling photos, Les.

Diana said...

Thank you Lesley, it was so lovely. Really. We loved every minute with you! Thanks for the great photos. My mom LOVES them!! It was so good to see you again too! And Kyle, and Ella! Stop by anytime!