Monday, November 1, 2010

Chelsea Market Trick-or-Treating {New York City}

Gourmet chocolate, hand-rolled taffy, French citrus drops, homemade brownies, delicious ice cream tasting, and Italian cappuccino and espresso candies (whose idea was that?) and gift bags from the hosting venue... that's my kind of trick-or-treating!

Who knows how much my daughter appreciated , but I sure had a great time watching her dart in and out of gourmet food shops and restaurants shouting "trick-or-treat!" at the Chelsea Market. They had free face painting (my daughter got an amazing green butterfly to match her Tinkerbell costume), amazing decorations, a DJ, a woman on stilts, a clown, an incredible pumpkin carving display, a mini pumpkin patch, and of course, fabulous treats for the little ones! It was a fabulous NYC experience I'll never forget.

Oh, and if you've never tried dried cantaloupe dipped in chocolate, you're missing out. I'll be back soon, Chelsea Market.

and a festive Empire State Building lit up to celebrate Halloween (my husband didn't believe me that along with orange and black Halloween colors are green and purple too... back me up, people!)


Alisha said...

It's true! Black, orange, purple and green! Awesome pictures.

Hawkins Family said...

It is true! The purple and green are my preferred Halloween colors in fact! The purple and green I think come from the witches aspect of the holiday.

erin said...

Really like the Empire State Bldg shot. Very clever perspective.