Monday, November 29, 2010

The Magic is You {Capture the Magic Project}

Over the course of the last few days I've been trying to think about my favorite Christmas memories from childhood until the present and dissect what exactly it is that makes up "that feeling." It's magic. That captivating, enchanting, ubiquitous feeling is magic. How do you achieve it? That's where it gets complicated. Unlike the nature of "magic" itself, the magic you feel during the holidays has a distinct, recognizable source. The reason for the season is to celebrate the birth of Christ. And while as a practicing Christian that reason is more than enough to explain that wonderful holiday feeling, there are traditions, events, music, scents and flavors that further enhance it. That's where the magic comes from.

I'm realizing that it was the people around me that made the magic for me. Mostly my amazing mother and father, but also grandparents, neighbors, teachers and friends. The magic was in the details, and in the big things too. Now that I'm all on my own here in NYC, it's up to me to make the holiday magic in my home and find the magic around me.

It's up to you to make the magic.

Someone strung up those twinkle lights. Someone cooked the ham, baked the cookies, or made that melt-in-your-mouth fudge. Someone filled your stocking. Someone planned the caroling and made the warm cocoa. Someone started the traditions you treasure. It's the sensory overload of sights, sounds, scents, and flavors combined that create that magical feeling.

My plan for creating the magic this week (that I will then capture with my camera, of course!):
Monday 11/29: Christmas shopping at 18th Street, attend a local tree-lighting event
Tuesday 11/30 : Finishing touches on home decorating (we put up our tree this weekend). Organize and assemble our holiday activity advent calendar - SO excited about this
Wednesday 12/1 : Shop for family Christmas gifts, visit the Fabric District to get materials to make a tree skirt... Make a tree skirt.
Thursday 12/2: Wrap Christmas presents to put under the tree and make invites for Ella's Holiday Cookie & Cocoa play date
Friday 12/3: Tree-lighting at the MET, holiday shopping on the Upper East Side
Saturday 12/4: Go see Rockefeller Center Tree and shop windows. Attend annual holiday concert at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Sunday 12/5: Work together as family on our holiday card design, make spritz cookies, get Christmas packages ready to go.

What are your thoughts? Any fun plans for the week? Are you buying a real tree or a an artificial one? We bought a real tree this year and it smells divine...


Bryan and Ashley said...

Oh I wish we were together...I want to make an advent calander too!! I love how you explained the magical feeling! It sounds like you guys have lots of fun things going on!! xo!

Lindsay said...

We're across the country from our families, too, and we're not going to visit either one for Christmas this year. But you know -- I am actually REALLY excited to do Christmas on our own in NYC. So this year, the time we would have spent traveling (or getting ready to travel) can now be leisurely spent taking in all the fantastic things the city has to offer during the holidays. I can hardly wait to get started.

This evening, as I was teaching my oldest son the finer points of visiting the Macy's Santa Claus, it hit me that not only am I his own personal Santa, but I'm the one responsible for making Christmas magical for him. He's 3 1/2, and just starting to truly appreciate the magic that is available to him this time of year. But, like you say, it's up to me to create that magic. (What a joyful responsibility!)

Good luck creating your magic! You seem to have your nose to the ground as to what's awesome in the city, but if you need any more ideas, I'd be happy to pass along some of our favorites.

New York Nelsons said...

I know I don't know you super well,but from what I can see you are so amazing. You seem to be able to do it all and keep yourself totally composed and positive! Christmas in the city is so fun and amazing. I can see that you are really taking advantage of it! One of our favorite Christmas traditions is this Sunday night at the Brick Church on Park Ave and I think 91st. It is the Park Avenue Street lighting, but they start it off with Christmas Caroling and a brass band playing carols. It is a really neat community event. I love it! (totally Sunday appropriate) We will be there. We like to get there a little early so we can be up close to the front of the church. I think it is at 6:30? Anyway, we will try to get there at 6 if you guys and anyone else is interested in joining us! We will take the 96 crosstown bus over! Emily

erin said...

Can I come to Ella's Holiday Cookie & Cocoa play date? When is it?

Bombshell Char said...

I totally made an advent calendar this year! I had to tell you that because you are crafty and I am not, so I thought you might appreciate that.

Oh, and I think the key to creating the magic is to be ORGANIZED. You have a schedule so you can fit everything in and make sure the magic happens.