Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Audrey {Portrait of a Newborn}

Talk about a preview of grand proportions. There is something so special about this sweet week-old baby girl. She was angel from start to finish and I couldn't have dreamed of a smoother session. What a joy it was.

The love her parents have for Audrey is truly something to behold. I love these images because you can see that love and feel it too. It was an honor to capture this moment in time for Audrey and her wonderful parents.

I don't think most people really, truly enjoys being photographed (especially a few days after a woman gives birth, and let's be realistic, I don't know many men who willfully jump in a camera's path with a smile), but it is so important to take portraits regularly for so many reasons. I love what Justin Hackworth said in his blog post Why Take Pictures? regarding people who prefer not to be photographed (I am among them): "Don’t they see, the pictures aren’t for them. They are for their children, for their families, who will look at those pictures and be so glad someone had the foresight to take them."

Good photographs make you feel something.

I hope these new parents look back on their 2010 family portraits in 20 or 30 years and remember the wonder, the overwhelming joy, and the way it felt to be so in love with someone they'd only just met. Likewise, I hope that someday Audrey will look back and feel so blessed to be so loved.

Can you believe her? Posing on her own and grinning at one week old. Unbelievable. Watch out world, here she comes.


erin said...

What a cute little girl. And darling pictures. Great job as always!

stacey said...

beautiful! that is one loved little girl. they should be so excited for those wonderful shots!

Tiffany said...

sigh. I just love newborn photo shoots. She's beautiful. Great job, Lesley.