Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cupcake Toppers {that will steal the show}

Last year we hired a talented friend to create the amazing cake for Ella's Charlie and Lola Birthday Party. It was truly spectacular.  I didn't want the stress of having to make Ella's cake again, but since the party was just for kids I felt like I could just try my best.  However, I know someone who knows how to make basic cupcakes look extraordinary, and I wanted to surprise Ella and her friends with something over-the-top since everything else was pretty minimal (in my book).  These cupcake toppers were the star of the show. You should have seen their faces!

The fabulous Marilee at cupcaketopper.net whipped up these amazing fairy princess beauties for Ella's birthday party.  Check out her work here.  After the party I realized that this would have been a fantastically easy way to put a topper on a cake too! Put one on the cake as the topper, and then encircle the other cupcakes around the cake.

Marilee has a fabulous selection of pre-designed toppers, and she is happy to do custom orders as well. She's amazing to work with and her attention to detail is incredible. Also, her prices are more than reasonable, and I was thrilled to have fabulous decor that doubled as the party favor. Smash hit with the little fairy princesses who came to celebrate with Ella. 

Want to know the biggest surprise about these cake toppers (besides the fact that they are 100% edible)? They smell amazing. I opened the box, and as I pulled a topper from its shrink-wrap/bubble-wrap cocoon, this sweet, wonderful aroma filled our kitchen. I packed the toppers back up until the morning of the party, but I kept going back to sniff the box. No joke.  The girls noticed too... I told them that's what fairy princesses smell like. Lovely. 

Ella had a very short list of requests for her party... "I want to be queen of the fairies" was at the top of the list.  Done and done.

Party pictures to come...


erin said...

Holy crap. Those are AWESOME!

Stephanie Braithwaite said...

Those are amazing!