Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leprechaun Cake {A Tiny St. Patrick's Day Treat}

Looks pretty typical, right? What you can't tell from the photo above is that this is a 3 inch round, 4 tier layer cake. It's a Leprechaun Cake! I know, I know, the title gave it away already.

It's a layer cake made to leprechaun scale, and it was just about the most fun little project I've done in a while.  Yes, I just might be obsessed with this recipe and making layer cakes. Thankfully, we have plenty of friends to share with so I don't gobble all of them up all on my own. 

A half batch of this recipe made 6 leprechaun layer cakes.  I used 3-inch tart pans (came in a set of four) and then cut each layer in half so I could have four layers instead of two per cake. I think I'll just try two shades of green next year. Four was a little much, and the overall effect didn't quite turn out like I envisioned it would.

I don't get original ideas very often, so I was pretty stoked about this one!  The only problem is that after you cut your adorable bite-sized piece of leprechaun cake you have an overwhelming desire for another one.  And then another one.

This will definitely be making the list of new traditions.  My daughter is obsessed with putting tons and tons of sprinkles onto any item topped with frosting, so I'll give you one guess as to who decorated this one :)


Christina G said...

Mmm... looks so cute, and so delicious! I love your layer cakes! Very impressive

Anna said...

Ooo itty bitty layer cakes. I think the 4 colors look pretty good. I was planning on making a mini layer cake like this for my daughter's first & using ramekins...we'll see how it turns out. I should probably test ahead of time....