Thursday, August 4, 2011

Old Town Imports Fall Pre-Sale {My Favorite Serveware}}

Old Town Imports is having a fall pre-sale now through TOMORROW, August 5th. This post doesn't leave you much time to shop, but there are 44 amazing items priced 40-50% off (prices range from $2.99 for a set of perfect serving spoons to  $89.99 for this gorgeous Symphony Punch Bowl. If Santa doesn't bring me the latter, I'm going to cry.).

Seriously, people. You can knock out all of your Christmas shopping in one go while you lounge in your pj's. Buy $4.99 bowls filled with homemade candy for co-workers and neighbors, split the bill with siblings for a punchbowl for your mother, buy wedding and birthday gifts for $10-20, and stock up on some seriously versatile serveware for yourself. Best part is, you only have to pay for half of it now, and the remaining half of it when you pick it up (if you live in UT), or when it's shipped to you.

Here is a little sneak peek of what you'll see on the fall presale website.  You'll have to visit the sale to see the super special pricing (or if you're really good at math, you can make a guess. I'm really really bad at math. Never trust me with ANY sort of numbers, ok?). 


FYI: This is not a paid post, but since my parents own and operate Old Town Imports, it may as well be! I love it just the same, and they most certainly did not withhold allowance until I posted this. Speaking of what, it's a pity I don't still receive allowance.   

One of my most prized possessions is my collection of aluminum serveware. I use it for every single event, and I use many of my pieces (especially this one for fruit, and this one at the dinner table) on a daily basis.  My parents have owned the company for about five years now, but I've been collecting their products since they were in high school.  I love that I already have a whole collection of serveware that will last a lifetime (and if you live nearby, you can BORROW it. Seriously).  You can just guess what my birthday and Christmas lists consist of.  We are a family owned and operated company: my mom and dad do all of the purchasing, I shoot most of the product images, my brother is the office manager/warehouse slave, and my amazing sister Erin gets credit for nearly all the web and graphic design.  We love our products, and we are so proud of Old Town Imports.

Here are five examples to show you how versatile a few fabulous serving pieces can be. Just swap out the linens and decor, and you have a completely different look for each event:


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Anna said...

I would love to stock up on some of this, I'm wondering how it would look mixed with white. I have some white serving pieces so I'm wondering how that'd look mixed together (I'm so not a stylist...I don't picture things well).

Maybe I'll have to catch the sale next time around (next year?)