Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On the Subway {With a Mariachi Band}

Random fact: my children can sleep through pretty much anything while dozing in their stroller except for mariachi bands. They've slept through any number of sirens, honking, shouting matches on the street, loud music, and even jack hammers 10 feet from their heads, but mariachi bands are apparently not soothing enough. I'll have to remember that when they're teenagers and keep my eyes peeled for a mariachi band alarm clock.


Bombshell Char said...

I love these guys, I saw them a couple of times on the subway last summer. Glad to know they're still La Bamba-ing it up on the subway, something to look forward to.

Oh, and now that we're here in the city, I totally want in on some of your fun playdates/kiddie parties! I mean Amelia wants in. But mostly it's me. Let me know when in your busy schedule we can get together!

Lindsay said...

Hey! I know that mariachi band! Well, I don't know them know them, but they play often way down in Brooklyn, too. My kids love 'em. (And who can blame them because really, who doesn't love the accordion?)

Melanie said...

Your blog makes me miss the city so so so much. I almost can't take it. The band, hailing a taxi, photos of the par. You are killing me!!!

By the way, LOVE that couples engagement photos! You are a genius!