Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pier 46 {Charles Street & H. Hudson Parkway, NYC}

Shooting in a new part of the city gets me really, really excited because it helps me see the city from a different perspective.  I met a family here for a session a few weeks back, and it was a place I would probably never have gone otherwise.  It was a beautiful, peaceful, quiet place, and it was fun to see the Empire State Building from a new angle, see the progress on 1 World Trade Center, and it's fun to see sweeping views of the city from the island itself.  Oh, and you can see New Jersey too.  Nothing but love to you, Jersey!  

I live on the Upper West Side and absolutely adore it (and couldn't live without ready access to Central Park), but the more I see of the city, the more I realize how many incredible neighborhoods there are.  The West Village continues to steal pieces of my heart. 

If you live in NYC, why did you choose your neighborhood? And if you don't, if you moved here, where do you see yourself? 


Kendra said...

I love the last picture! You are so creative!

Anna said...

Park access would be a must for me. I don't know NYC geography, but park access, safe neighborhood, and good windows would be the deciding factors.

You do make living in NYC look so fun.