Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tatum's 4th Birthday Party {New York City}







P.S.  Can you believe all the details? Amazing, right? 

This incredible birthday party was held at the swanky Soho House in the meatpacking district (one of my favorite parts of the city).  As someone who loves to plan and throw birthday parties, I learned so much while I captured Tatum's special day.  It was really just amazing to watch it all unfold, and see how all the details came perfectly together.  Miss Tatum's amazing mother is a designer, and I am blown away by the all the details she attended to.  I absolutely loved the colorful balloons and decor, the custom banners, the water labels, the custom table decor and cupcake toppers, and the fabulous kid-friendly food.  And oh my goodness, don't even get me started on the cake.  It was out-of-this-world incredible.

Tinkerbell and Skully from A Princess Visit kept the crowd entertained the entire time with an interactive show with magic tricks, music, and lots of laughter.  As you can see, they brought fairy princess and pirate dress-ups for all the children, and Tinkerbell painted faces while Skully worked his magic with balloon art.  It was a truly spectacular event, and the kids were in heaven from the minute they stepped through the door. 

Hiring a photographer for a birthday party or event is such a wise idea because it's impossible to host a fabulous event, entertain your guests, enjoy the event, and document it at the same time.   How many times have you put together a dinner party or birthday celebration and then said "whoops! I forgot to take pictures!"

My mentality is as follows:  what's the point in creating all those amazing details if you don't have someone there to capture them?  Sure, you'll remember with perfect clarity now, but are you really going to remember in 30 years? No way.

When Tatum plans her own 4 year-old's birthday celebration in years to come, she'll be able to look back and see and remember every single detail that her parents so lovingly planned in honor of her big day.  What a wonderful gift.  


Michelle P said...

Wow that looks like a great birthday party! I'm very impressed.

Steve and Nicole said...

amazing pictures!

Anna said...

In my dreams I can afford to have a professional photographer follow my family around at all major events. What a treat (and wowza, that looks like one awesome 4th birthday)

Hannah said...

i had a cake REALLY similar to that one at one of my childhood bdays (may have been my fourth!). I love how all these photos work together and tell the story of one amazing bday party. :)

Stizz Eff said...

Amazing, Les! I felt like I was there! : ) Now, how much did that party cost?!