Friday, March 23, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Jones {Salt Lake City Event Photography}


Can you believe I'm finally posting Jonesy's first birthday party? I guess it's high time that I post it, now that he's nearly two.  Good thinking.

We decided to do an "I Love Jones" NYC themed party, and have the type of event we could never have in New York.  When we were at Rainbow City in the spring, Jones was absolutely obsessed with the bouncy castle, so we decided to rent one. They are ridiculously inexpensive in Utah (we got 5 hours for $95 total), and it was the highlight of the party for the kids. The adults loved it too. 

Our color scheme was based on the colors of the subway, and the food theme was "NYC street food." I made the layer cakes, and my amazing mother decorated them.  I absolutely loved Jones' tiny cake and my mom did a brilliant job of making the 1 look just like the number 1 train sign. I was so impressed.  Then again, my mom can do anything.  She and my Dad just ran around helping me with all my crazy plans, and I'm always so grateful for their help.

Thanks to my amazing family for doing all the grunt work.  My husband and brother-in-law shucked 30 ears of corn with absolutely no complaining.   They are good men.  Jake manned the grill too!   I love that I can just dole out tasks and they jump right on board (my often sinking ship). My fabulous sisters Erin and Stace helped with the prep and took pictures as well.  Of course I just had to take some too.  You can see them below, with a few Stacey and Erin's to fill in the holes where I missed something. 

These pictures make me so excited for summer...

  • Make-your-own fruit kabobs with Jonesy favorite fruit: strawberries and watermelon
  • Hot dogs (National brand, unfortunately it's nearly impossible to track down Nathan's brand in UT.  After a failed wild goose chase, my original idea of freezing them and bringing them on the airplane didn't seem so crazy)
  • Grilled corn
  • Jones Soda 
  • Elmo apple juice boxes for the kids
  • Pita chips and hummus
  • Goldfish crackers (another one of Jonesy's favorites)
  • Layered Almond Sour Cream Cake with cream cheese frosting, decorated by my Mom
  • Gourmet ice cream bars (just like you'd get from a truck here in NYC)

  • Decorations:  subway maps (used them to cover the kids' picnic table and make the posters), used metro cards that I strung into a garland, and good old crepe paper
  • Custom cake plate liners
  • I Heart Jones buttons from Just Buttons
  • Game: Pin the sticker on Jonesy's apartment (Manhattan bus map) 
  • Serveware from Old Town Imports.  I especially loved using the punch bowl for the Jones soda, and I love how pewter can make even the most simple menu look amazing.
  • Mini candy bar - subway colors (with candy left over from Matt & Stef's wedding)
  • Bouncy castle from Utah Bouncy Houses
  • Favor: candied almonds like you'd get from a Nuts-4-Nuts stand in Manhattan, with an "I heart Jones" sticker

above pictures by Stacey

left by Erin, right by Stacey



above two images by Erin

After dinner, we cleared the table off and brought out the cakes and treats.  It was nice to keep the food in one central location, and it kept it simple.



above 2 pictures by Erin



 *picture by Erin



picture on left by Erin

Probably my favorite portrait that I took from the entire party.  Love this kid.

The end.


Hot Hot JJ said...

What a totally ADORABLE party. My gosh. So great. I've been wondering what you are thinking for Jones's second party. Dare I suggest a beach day for the birthday boy? Jones Beach is divine!!! And a photo with the Jones Beach row boat might be perfect. :)

Jessica said...

Wow. That is quite the party. It was fun to catch a few of Jake at the grill, and I too loved the one of Ethan at the end. He is a funny kid. Great job on the party!

Lesley said...

That is a BRILLIANT idea! I think we'll probably do cake at a playground or something, but I think Jones beach would be an absolutely perfect place to spend his birthday. Genius suggestion. Thanks!

And yea, Jess, Ethan is absolutely hilarious, and I have a whole series of him with his face smashed up against the mesh, and then the final shot is totally blurry where he's falling backwards and trying to hold on to the mesh stuff with his TEETH. Hysterical.

Morgan said...

is it wrong to say that i hate you sometimes?! you just make the rest of us look so pathetic. ;) that party was amazing!!! you are mother of the year in my book. you seriously blow me away, Lesley!

Hailey said...

That is the most amazing party I've ever seen.

.kaitlyn. said...

so creative! I love all the ny themed good! how fun!