Thursday, November 29, 2012

M Family at Wheeler Farm {Salt Lake City, Utah}

Talk about a change of scenery, we go from the urban heart of NYC straight to a quiet, rural retreat in Salt Lake City, Utah! I  had the pleasure of following my sister and her family around for a glorious, unseasonably warm evening at Wheeler Farm.  I just love those late November days that help you hang on to the delusion that maybe, just maybe, this year winter will never come.  

It's always rather difficult to take portraits of children you know well, because frankly, they ignore you.  You're just crazy aunt Lesley who has a camera glued to her face, and there's no earthly reason why a niece/nephew should stop chasing ducks, sit still, and smile.  Thankfully, we did manage to get a few family portraits, but my favorites are the candids of my sister with her children. There's something special about capturing a mama with her babies (especially a mama who is a photographer and is most often behind the camera.) 

It's straight back to city posts tomorrow, so enjoy this little vacation out west!








stacey said...

love these. love love love them. the last one of the duck made me laugh. thank you so much for capturing these for me. for us!

erin said...

Goodness these are beautiful. That BABY. Can't get over that baby!!