Saturday, June 1, 2013

Paper Flower Workshop With Brittany Watson Jepsen {Soho | New York City}

I've always wanted to learn how to make paper flowers, so when the fabulous Brittany Watson Jepsen of the House That Lars Built came to town, I was so excited to attend her workshop. It was hosted by Kollabora in Soho, and a delight to attend. Being around a creative genius like Brittany was so great, and when that genius is also an amazing teacher,  it makes for a pretty incredible learning experience. It's a thrill to learn something new and meet new friends who love crafting as much as I do.   

I offered to shoot a bit as we worked, and as usual, I got a bit carried away. But I still managed to make a beautiful tulip that nearly made my 5 year-old's eyes pop out.  "Is that for ME?" Well, I made it for myself, but I guess I'll share.

If you ever get a chance to craft with Brittany, do it.




and I love how my friend Amanda's flower brightened up the street. Lovely.


Kel said...

oh yeah! please keep getting carried away every time that camera is in your hands.

glad B gave us all the east coast flower tour, we had a workshop w/ her too the next day in DC!

erin said...

You are so teaching me how to do this.