Wednesday, June 19, 2013

W+S Wedding Dinner {Salt Lake City, Utah}

My one and only brother Warren got married last month in Salt Lake City, Utah.  And since he's my brother, and this is my blog, he's getting an epic preview of his fabulous dinner. So there.  And seriously, could the bride be any more beautiful?  I'm hoping that he and his gorgeous bride can relive the event while they wait for their wedding photographer to hurry up get them the rest of their pictures (that's me). 
It's the tradition that the groom host the wedding dinner or breakfast, so my family was in charge of this event.  We all pulled together to help with all the DIY centerpieces and favors.  We love events, and it's always fun to have excuses to craft and work together as a family. 
My amazing sister Erin of Hallmark Ink custom designed all the printed materials for the wedding, including the fabulous invitations, and my most favorite idea is seen here at the wedding dinner with the seat assignment cards.  Erin's idea was to have the guests take their name card, find their seat, then write a wish or advice right on the back of their name card and return it to the entry table.  It turned the necessary seat assignment cards into keepsakes with well-wishes and advice for the happy couple.  I also loved that the hosts could keep an eye on the board to know when to start dinner and the festivities.  When all the names were gone, they knew everyone had arrived!  Genius.
The dinner was on the top floor of the Zion's Bank Building, overlooking the Salt Lake Temple where they would be married the next afternoon.  I don't remember enjoying myself more at a wedding dinner, and as you can see, I wasn't the only one having a great time.   The introductions and speeches were both hilarious and heartfelt, the food was delicious, and you can bet there wasn't a slice of that cake left.  And that sunset! It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening overall.  Congrats you two!



View of the Utah State Capitol building at Joseph Smith Memorial Building (former Hotel Utah)

gifts from the siblings...






 the happy hosts. Nice work, Mom and Dad!

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stacey said...

you're amazing. really. love these! they perfectly capture the evening and make it look as lovely as it was.