Sunday, July 26, 2009

Morris {Family Portrait}

Here are a few from our 5 minute (or less) spontaneous photo shoot at Washington Square last Sunday. We had a lovely picnic and then tried for a few of these. I think their baby girl ignores the camera just as much as mine does. Fantastic.

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Hudson

Can you spot the Statue of Liberty?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday Suppers

I really don't know why I'm sharing this. Maybe I should just be selfish and keep this amazing blog to myself, but I'd probably just feel too guilty about it to hide such a treasure.

Sunday Suppers is right up my alley... cooking themed meals with friends and going all out with amazing flowers, table decor, menus, and gorgeous photography by Karen Mordechai (one of my favorites) to capture it all.

"Sunday Suppers is a collaboration by Casey Solomon and Karen Mordechai. We share a class-cooking-dining experience, pairing friends and food. The food is market fresh, local and organic and the approach is to create seasonal and fresh meals together. The classes are held in Brooklyn, New York, taught by Casey Solomon and photographed by Karen Mordechai."

I am so inspired. Anyone want to start a sunday supper club? I can only dream of hosting events like these... Casey and Karen have posted about their french and market themed meals that look incredible, and the most recent supper club was Moroccan themed meal where Amy Atlas designed the dessert buffet. Gorgeous.

They post recipes from the Sunday suppers too! I'm going to try them all, but I'm most especially excited about this this and this and this.

I want my photography and dinner parties to look like this when I grow up. Prepare to be inspired...

***all photos taken by the incredible Karen Mordechai via the Sunday Suppers blog.

Blog updates

Just wanted to let you know that I updated my blogroll (now reflects blogs I actually read) and added a favorite photographers link as well.

Also, this site will remain, and will be my photography site in a few weeks... Please update your readers if you need to!

We only have about 2 weeks left here in NYC and I can hardly believe how fast this summer is flying by. I'm excited to get back to our home and excited about a number of projects on the horizon... loads of sewing and crafting, launching a photography website, a few personal photography projects/volunteer projects that you can be involved in, and teaching my class again. I'm pretty excited about the next few months.

Stay tuned!

ps. Thanks to those of you who emailed about the class/slides! I've had enough interest that I think I'll do a class in September and October as well as email the slides to those of you who aren't around to take the class in Utah. I have a nice little list going so email me if you want more info. Thanks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Me {self portrait}

The oh-so amazing and fabulous Tara Whitney assigned a weekend assignment that gave me an excuse to post these images I took on our last night in London. My camera was in my lap and I was shooting at my reflection in the mirror on the partially opened armoire door... I rarely like images of myself, but I like these. A lot. Ella was asleep in the other room, Kyle was still at work, our bags were packed, and seeing these helps me remember the way I felt that night. Calm.

Keep it simple

I have loved this summer on the road for so many reasons. But one of the main reasons has been how simple life is. One drawer of clothes instead of a whole closet, buying fresh fruit and veggies every single day instead of once a week, no car, no tv. We take our days one at a time and it's wonderful. I love buying fresh produce and baked goods from markets every day. I'm going to miss it.

And if you haven't tried Stonyfield Organic's Organic Lowfat Banilla Yogurt (that's a mouthful) run out and get some. I grabbed it on accident instead of vanilla, and I'm never going back. I don't even like yogurt... this stuff is incredible! If you are trying to cut back on sweets and calories, eat some Banilla lowfat yogurt for dessert instead of ice cream or a cookie- it really is that good.

mmm this is our typical lunch. Whole Foods multi-grain bagels with cream cheese and some sort of salad with fresh fruit and yogurt... and E's miniature version

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The case for RAW

So, I'm not perfect. Sometimes when I grab the camera to capture a moment I don't really make the time to think "ok, the last time I was using this was in broad daylight at f8, 1/2000, iso 100." nope. I just shoot away. And unless I have my wits about me (rare) the first shot I take is either black or white... you photogs will know why. Good thing I check my lcd.

I uploaded my pictures and almost deleted this black screen until I noticed a little white speck in the bottom left corner. Can you see it? I thought "hmmmm... I shot RAW, I wonder if I can bring this back with Photoshop."

How impressive is that? There's not a snowball's chance you could have recovered that image shooting in jpeg.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rooftop Soiree

My dear friend Jane had a birthday was last week. She prefers cookies to cake, so her roomies threw a cookie party for her! Isn't this deck amazing? It over looks the street and guess what, they have also have a back deck and it's twice as big! No fair. Everything was color coordinated and with those lovely decorations and twinkle lights I was pretty much ready to move in. They even had cellophane goody bags so you could take a few cookies home and tie them with a lovely bow. All I want to know is, can you ladies plan MY birthday party? It would be hard not to feel special with a birthday party like this.

Happy Birthday Jane! Isn't she gorgeous?

I took this just before the guests were arrived... magical

Smiles on both sides of the camera

It's been months since I had someone besides my daughter (who ignores my camera) and my husband (who severely dislikes my camera) to take pictures of. It has been hard to be away from home this summer and from willing friends and clients to smile back at me :) Don't these strangers look happy to see my camera? Ok, they aren't strangers. These are our best buddies and they came to visit last weekend. I was pretty happy to have someone who was happy to be shot at.

More pics from NYC to come...

taken at Washington Square, NYC

LOVE statue 6th Ave at 56th Street

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Regent Street, London.

Serendipity III

frozen mint oreo goodness (can't remember the exact name) and the Forbidden Broadway Sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream

Their famous 'Frozen Hot Chocolate' and the "Can't Say No' sundae that is seriously incredible

Hungry yet? I sure am...

If you're visiting NYC, Serendipity 3 has got to be on your 'must see' list. It's quirky and fun and the dessert is absolutely incredible. When I interned here about 6 years ago I went here about every other week with friends and visitors... and probably the sole reason why I gained 10 pounds. A lot of people go here because it's trendy and because it appears in movies like "One Fine Day" and "Serendipity" but I go because it's the best dessert in the world. If you know a place that's better, do tell.

The waits are long, the prices are high at about $8-22 per dessert, and you can't take strollers... but it is so worth it. Trust me on this one (and back me up if you've been here, people). You can make lunch or dinner reservations, but if you just want dessert you'll have to show up and wait in line. The famous Dylan's Candy bar is just down the block and so is Bloomingdales, fyi.

Most desserts will fill you up like a meal, but if you don't want your dinner to be 100% sugar do what we did... split a pizza at Patsy's across the street (we left our stroller there too) and then head to Serendipity for dessert. Their food is pretty spectacular too- check out this MENU

To date, my favorite is the Forbidden Broadway Sundae with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Heaven. If you've been, what is your favorite?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Long Branch

During our first weekend in NYC we took a day trip to Long Branch, NJ. What a beautiful beach!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bliss on a Monday

An evening stroll in Washington Square, Pinkberry with strawberries and Captain Crunch, and the sheer joy that comes from not having to do laundry. And having it returned to you sorted, stacked, and organized in less than three hours for only a few more dollars than it would cost to do it yourself. I love this city.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kynance Mews, London

I love finding buried treasure. I discovered a folder of images that I forgot I'd taken... this is undoubtedly one of my favorite little streets that leads to one of my favorite little churches in London...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Art must be experienced

My sister might want beat me for posting these, so I'm glad I'm 2000 miles out of reach. I was blown away by these images Erin took of the MET. I love to stand next to a Van Gogh or Monet or Signac (as seen below) so I can see and experience the texture of the paint that gives it life and depth.

Art comes to life when the original is right in front of you. Most of my favorite paintings and works aren't my favorites because they look good in a book. They are my favorites because of the way I felt when I saw them in person. Do you feel the same way?

Thanks for capturing these images Erin. Please don't sue me for stealing/editing your images without permission.

Seraut's pointillist dots up close... step away and morph together to create an image. Amazing, really.

image of Paul Signac's Notre Dame de la Garde via

Brushstrokes tell a story... I can almost see Van Gogh furiously layering paint with his palette knife when I see this image. You definitely don't get that from this:

image of Van Gogh's Wheat Field with Cypresses via