Friday, June 25, 2010

Amelia {Portrait of a Tiny New Yorker}

I don't normally do portrait shoots of random kids who come to our house, but this one was being held hostage against her will while her parents packed up their apartment so they could move to NYC for the summer. I told my daughter that Amelia was moving to New York and she immediately got the Chevron taxi cab and "New York City in a Bag" for her to play with. How thoughtful.

Amelia gave me the "you are crazy, lady" look a couple of times (see them below), but no bother. I just kept on shooting. I think eventually she gave into the realization that I wasn't going to get my camera out of her face until she smiled at me. And smile she did. Hope you are loving NYC as much as we do, Amelia!

Everly {Portrait of a Newborn}

This mini session made me so excited to meet my own little one in a few weeks. Little Everly absolutely did not want to sleep, but we did manage to get some sweet portraits of this tiny darling.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Works in Progress {Sewing Projects}

I have quite the list of projects to complete before our baby comes next month. Wow, that's strange to say. Here's what I'm currently working on/finishing up:

  • quilt for Ella (currently it's anchored and I'm about a 1/3 through the hand quilting)
  • quilt for baby boy (just finished sewing the quilt top tonight- hoping to get it anchored before bedtime)
  • a doll quilt (finishing the binding on this one as we speak- it will be nice to having something finished)
  • burpcloths (haven't started... these will probably be done in a panic while Kyle's in New York taking the bar exam - did I mention I'm due the day he takes it? Great timing.)
What projects are you currently working on? I'm curious! It's totally my personality to have 5 projects going at once, but I'm guessing most of you sane people just work on one at a time, right? Smart.

Here are a few pictures of E's quilt all laid out a few days before we left on our trip. I just love the bright, happy colors. They remind me of my happy baby girl and how happy she makes me. Stay tuned to see how different our baby boy's quilt is turning out to be. It's amazing how you can use the same base colors and end up with two completely different outcomes. I'm excited.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Three boys and a girl {Petersen Family Portaits}

This session was so much fun, but it left me feeling really overwhelmed with the thought that we will soon be adding a baby boy to our family. Little boys have so much energy! It was quite the task to get these two little darlings to sit still for 10 seconds together, but we sure had fun in the process.

Thanks for the great evening (and the great workout)!

and two of my favorites that kind of sum up the fun we had that evening:

Friday, June 18, 2010

Chase + Chantelle {Engagement Portraits}

As you can tell from these photos, these two don't like each other one bit. Riiiiight. This was one of my favorite sessions to-date because this couple was just so relaxed and genuinely enjoyed themselves. I had a really hard time not posting the entire session because I have so many favorites. I want to frame the first one and put it in my house.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alex + Audrey {Wedding Day Portraits}

Weddings are my favorite. There is something magical about being behind a camera to capture a a couple's once-in-a-lifetime day and I was thrilled to be there for Alex and Audrey's wedding.

I've never had as much fun as I did at this wedding for two reasons: 1) aside from the large family formal shots, I felt no pressure because we already captured so many great shots of Audrey and Alex at their groomal session a few weeks back, and 2) My good friend Garin joined me to second shoot. She helped me whip through the shot-list, and since I'm a little less mobile these days, so she took it upon herself to run and fix wardrobe issues since it would have taken me at least 4 times as long. Thanks Garin!

Just after their families left, Alex and Audrey gave one another their wedding gifts. He's a huge James Bond fan, so she gave him 007 cufflinks to go with his tux :) and he gave her a crystal statue of the Provo Temple.

and the getaway...