Tuesday, July 23, 2013

W Family {TriBeCa Family Portraits}

TriBeCa.  The Triangle Beneath Canal.  What a fabulous place to explore.   I imagine it would be an amazing place to live as a child, as there is so much to do and see, and the buildings are so tall! TriBeCa is known for its amazing playgrounds too, and you'll see one of my favorites below.

This beautiful family of five is off to the west coast for a new adventure, and I loved having the opportunity to capture this moment in time for them.  I hope these images will remind these three little ones of what life was like here in NYC (and remind their parents of all the work it took to get three kids from one place to another in this crazy place).

I think it goes without saying that I love color. I loooooooove it. So basically, this session in TriBeCa walked right out of my dreams.  Enjoy!









Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Riverside Park Family Portraits {New York City}

Whenever I get a chance to shoot portraits in the evening during the golden light of the setting sun, you can bet I'm all smiles.  Family portrait sessions tend to be in the early mornings since little ones are usually at their best that time of day (mine are up and at em' at 6am or sooner!), but this little man did great!
I absolutely loved the coordinated blues against the green trees in this shoot, and thought the fedoras were an absolutely perfectly way to infuse a bit of personality in a classy way.  We did mostly park, with a bit of city with this gorgeous family. How do I luck out with such beautiful clients? Lucky, lucky me.