Sunday, August 28, 2011

Bryce & Camille {Ashland, Oregon}

I'm waiting out the hurricane by getting lost in images from this beautiful wedding in Oregon a few weeks back. Our little family is prepared as we can be, and we hope that all our friends and family members on the east coast are prepared as well. Hopefully these images will distract you from the craziness of this world, even for a few minutes. They've sure helped me keep my mind off the weather. It's amazing how a lovely image can lift your spirits. 

Bryce and Camille had a perfect day from start to finish. And if you didn't see their bridal/groomal session, you can see it here.

and the gorgeous reception: 

p.s. The reason why you only see pictures of the couple being greeted after their ceremony is because photography is not allowed inside the Medford Oregon Temple where the ceremony was held.  It's sure fun to see their smiling faces when they walk out through the temple doors to greet their family and friends. 

and if you can believe it, I still have one more wedding to come from my travels last month. Stay tuned...