Friday, November 21, 2008

we miss you Buddy

Every time I eat this delectable treat I miss my buddy.

Well, both my buddies really, but I always think of my buddy Jacob. That's what I used to call him before he decided to move himself, my sister, and my darling niece to California. The nerve.

But he did introduce me and Kyle to Rondele, so I guess when we miss him we can just have this tasty treat and think of all the good times.

Rondele is the best... it's a bit hard to find and it seems to show up at local grocery stores and then disappear again. I couldn't find it at Macey's, so I tried Smith's. And it was even on sale! Our favorite variety is garlic herb. It's fantastic on artisan bread, crackers, sandwiches, or straight out of the tub. Though I wouldn't know.

If we could ship hot french bread and Rondele to you, we'd do it, buddy. We can't wait for Christmas!


becky said...

Yum! I saw it was on sale at Smith's the other day and almost bought some. Now I'm wishing I would have!

Stacey said...

Jake will be very excited to see this; he has been anxiously awaiting his very own post :) aww, how I miss the good old days!!

erin said...

Oh yum! Haven't had this in a long time. We should definitely have some of this on our Christmas agenda.

Word verification: warrejay.

Jacob said...

I think I was there when you tried Rondele for the first time. Can you believe you lived 20 something years without it (I was going to say your actual age but I didn't want to make you feel old!)

Thanks for the post, I'm as happy as a live Turkey the day after Thanksgiving!