Thursday, August 20, 2009


Film is intoxicating. The click of the shutter, the suspense of waiting to see the images you've captured, the trembling hands that grasp the envelope of developed prints... it's all very romantic.

I forgot how much I love film. Now that I've had a taste, I'm never going back. This summer I've been shooting with my Diana, a 1920s Zeiss Ikon fold up camera, and my Granddad's 1959 Contaflex.

I have yet to pick up my 7 rolls of film, so you can bet I'll be back with more. Here are my favorites from my test roll for the Contaflex (you know, just to make sure everything was working).


Erin said...

very cool. wish I new more about film. Never tried it before..

Jessica Kettle said...

i am so excited to see more! i have a diana too and haven't done enough with it. your pictures are looking awesome!

stacey said...

those look so cool!