Friday, August 28, 2009

The glamourous life of being green {personal work}

Most of you can't relate to using a natural gas pump, but I bet all of you wish you could relate to our monthly gas bill :)

Our lovely little meterman-esque vehicle has two fuel tanks. A regular gasoline fuel tank, and then 90% of our trunk space is occupied by a 5 gallon natural gas tank. We love the flexibility of being able to use one or the other. My uncle and my mom and dad have one just like it- we look pretty awesome with our fleet at family functions.

Natural gas pumps are pretty ghetto. I'm pretty sure most of the pumps around here are at least 20 years old... and the duct tape holding them definitely does loads for my confidence. It also doesn't help that once you've hooked your machine to the archaic pump, the transfer of the gas emits a loud screeching noise that escalates as the tank reaches its maximum psi. Not very comforting.

Being green isn't very glamorous, but with 90% fewer emissions, being able to participate in alternative energy solutions, and of course the economic incentives (the rebate for purchasing this vehicle and our gas bill), we'll stick with it.



stacey said...

you are going to be glad you took all these pics some day :) they look lovely, and i am glad you documented the joys of natural gas!

Melissa said...

Mike wants to know how many miles per gallon you get :)

Kyle and Lesley said...

It's slightly better than our regular gas mileage. But since we only have a 5 gallon tank we have to fill up twice as much. It's definitely worth it.