Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Korean BBQ {sam gyup sal}

My husband lived in Korea for two years, and while he was there he learned how to make several traditional dishes. Every time he makes something new I am blown away by the amazing flavors and the simplicity of the dishes. My favorite is 'sam gyup sal,' which is essentially lettuce wraps with meat, fresh veggies, and delicious spicy soy bean paste. Mmmm. It's seriously incredible.

Usually Kyle just makes the filling for the lettuce wraps, but a few weeks ago we tried to replicate the restaurant experience (I have never had so much fun eating out) where the meat and veggies are grilled right in front of you.

We used used our plug-in T-fal flat grill in the middle of the table and it was so much fun! We grilled the pork and teriyaki-marinated steak right at our table along with garlic, mushrooms, and kimchi. We had lots of other fresh fillings including sprouts and green onions, as well as that amazing spicy soybean paste that just ties all the ingredients together (you can find it at most asian markets). We all enjoyed potstickers and dipping sauce while we waited for the grill to warm up. Kyle even bought us this amazing plum drink from Korea- we were fighting with our guests for the last drop. Our guests won :)

We will definitely be having this again next time we entertain. Try it!

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Amber Addams said...

:) loved this post. So fun! I don't cook enough Korean! And I am super jealous of the Mae-sheel! Did he have you cut up fruit for dessert?