Monday, September 28, 2009

Travel tips for Maui, anyone?

The Mister surprised me with a trip to Maui, Hawaii for our five year anniversary. We are going to be there for a week and we're looking for any 'must see' items that we should put on our list. Thanks!

Image via Flickr (and hoping for sunsets just as incredible while we're there)


AlliSMiles said...

Ah! Congratulations! That will be SO fun!

Must go to breakfast at the Gazebo in Lahaina. Banana-macadamia pancakes with coconut syrup?! Oh, I can almost taste it!

Kyle gets a giant gold star for this one! Do you get to go during placement break?

Jenny and Al said...

WOW! Jealousy is upon me. :) I haven't been to Maui since I was in 9th grade, but be sure to go on the Road to Hana (it's a beautiful, scenic drive with TONS of waterfalls) and then you can go swimming in the Seven Sacred Pools. (Have you seen the movie IQ?)

Amber Addams said...

No tips for Maui, I never got to that island. But my tip is just love it. Part of mine and Michael's hearts will always be in those Islands. Have a great time!

{Melissa} said...

My only tip for you is to take your little girl. Finding a babysitter is a PAIN! But you are going to want SOME alone time, so I would probably take someone to nanny with you. And did you know Raleigh Durham International Airport has direct flights to Maui? Weird huh! :)

Have a GREAT time.

Melanie Williams said...

This post brought a huge smile to my face.

Congrats-- you two deserve it!! I cannot tell you how happy I am for you!

Road to Hana is a MUST do there!
And snorkel and eats lots of yummy ice cream.

Christina G. said...

wow wow wow! Lucky girl!!! Let us know what you end up doing!