Saturday, January 2, 2010

For those of you with extra closet space...

Hit the 75% off Christmas sales!

If I knew I had lots of storage (which I won't in NYC or London), I'd hit the 75% off Christmas sales and buy all kinds of decorating supplies for next year. My Grandma has started the tradition of allowing us to come to her home and use all her decorating supplies to make the most beautiful gifts.

She stocks up on wrapping paper, gift tags, and my favorite, the trimmings. She buys clearance garlands and Christmas accessories from the floral department of local craft stores to cut up and put on our gifts. It truly makes gift giving even more special. Just something to think about for next year...

The upside? Everyone will feel so special that you put in all that time and effort (so they will automatically love your gift no matter what's inside). The downside? No one will want to open your gifts because they are little works of art. That's what happens at my house.

my favorite that Erin wrapped.... and my favorite gift that I wrapped