Thursday, January 21, 2010

Williams {Family Portraits}

Meet the Williams family...

We were incredibly lucky to shoot in one of their relative's gorgeous mansion. Yes, mansion. It was stunning and the light was perfect. I'm sure I'll never get to shoot here again, but I sure enjoyed the experience while it lasted!

And if you haven't figured it out already, I have no self control. Which is why I post about 50 pictures per preview because I get so excited!

this series cracks me up

last shot of the day, and then she crashed. Awwww


Melanie said...

We LOVE these!! We could not be happier. You have some serious talent to make us good looking like this. I really can't get over how talented you are. Thank you!!

Nicki said...

These are absolutely beautiful! So many nuances are captured in all of them; the "precious moments" in life really shine.

Stephanie said... Gorgeous family and gorgeous images. Their home is absolutely beautiful!

Melissa E Photography said...

These just reek of fabulousness!