Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year + Lee Family Portraits

Happy New Year!

December is always such a wonderfully busy month and I've been neglecting this poor blog. I still have a lot of catching up to do, but I'm thoroughly excited about this new year and all that I have planned...

Here's a shoot from way back in November that I never blogged. Don't worry, my clients get their disks  in 2-4 weeks (unless it's a wedding because those take forever) So they haven't been waiting as long as you have, though I guess you didn't even know you were waiting. And don't worry, there's yet another shoot from a few days after this I have yet to post. Sigh.

I am a huge fan of showing the passage of time through photography. Besides just having an updated picture, of course. I took THESE photos of Ben and Joy last year at the orchard and we went back just shy of one year later.

oh that we were all as gorgeous and photogenic as Joy. Not fair. Not even close.


Amy said...

Great job Les. I love the one where the baby is in focus kind of biting her lip. So cute. Oh that we were all as talented as you. Not fair. Not even close. :-)

erin said...