Sunday, March 21, 2010

Abigail {Portrait of a One Year-Old}

It's amazing how quickly time flies. I took pictures of this sweet baby girl when she was 6 days old, and it's hard to believe that a year has passed by already.

One year ago:

and Abigail the one year-old:


Benji and Aubrey said...

holy smokes!! I cannot even believe that you got pictures of her smiling!! that is seriously amazing.

Wonderful pictures. You are beyond talented, Lesley. Thanks so much!

Terry Jones said...

Abbie has changed so much and yet she is the same cautious, contemplating beautful girl we know and love. When she is comfortable with the world we will see her spontaneous side.
(Her mom was the same way) :)

Reb said...

My Niece is so cute. :) :) :)Good Job Les!