Sunday, March 14, 2010

Postcard Art

My rambunctious two year-old just discovered the joy of painting. She went through a whole painting book and a whole bunch of white paper, and then I had the idea to have her paint postcard-sized paper to mail off to our family members. I feel awful throwing away her little creations, so this was a fun way to share her art.

I cut 12x12 inch white cardstock into 4x6 inch postcards and let her paint them individually. It was just as much fun for me to watch as it was for her to paint. She would carefully paint each one and then hand me her little work of art when she was done and ask for another piece of paper.

I kept my favorites for her little book of art I've compiled, and then we wrote on the rest and mailed them to family.

I let my little helper stick the postcard stamps on them too. She got a huge kick out of that.

Try it!


erin said...

so fun to get that postcard in the mail! I loved it. I took pictures of it too. you are so creative and are very good at reaching out to the family in fun ways. ;)

Amy said...

love this idea! Especially since we live far away from ALL of our family. I've tried to do little things like this for holidays and I know it means a lot to them. Love the pictures of Stacy's little boy.

Amy said...

What a fabulous idea!

Diana said...

Yeah this was my great idea for our Christmas cards, I bought 50 blank cards, and set up our sweat shop. Madeline painted one LINE and was DONE! You didn't receive one of our Christmas cards did you? Yeah, they didn't happen. But I'm glad Ella was up for it! Adorable!