Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter Decor Made Easy

I grew up in a home where every holiday was important. Decorations, activities, meals planned around festive color schemes, my mom made every season special and it seemed that there was always something to look forward to. Always a reason to celebrate. I want to do the same for my children.

I used up a whole bunch of fabric scraps from my stash and made yards upon yards of mini bunting and fabric eggs to make our home feel festive for Easter. We'll probably leave the bunting up for a few weeks after Easter because it's so springy and festive.

I added 6 fabric eggs/bean bags to our collection we started last year. I love having decorations out that do double duty as toys. Click HERE for the link to the tutorial I used- the bean bags are stuffed with mostly batting, but the centers are filled with rice to give them a weightier feel.

I also made 10 smaller eggs that I turned into ornaments.

For the bunting, I made a simple triangle template out of card stock, cut up coordinating fabrics, then sewed all the triangles together on my sewing machine to make bunting.

One fabulous aspect of apartment living is that you can spend a few hours and only a few dollars to decorate the whole space. Add three $1.25 containers of wheat grass from the produce aisle and we've got quite the festive space to enjoy:

for the tutorial from last year, click on the image below:

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