Thursday, June 17, 2010

Alex + Audrey {Wedding Day Portraits}

Weddings are my favorite. There is something magical about being behind a camera to capture a a couple's once-in-a-lifetime day and I was thrilled to be there for Alex and Audrey's wedding.

I've never had as much fun as I did at this wedding for two reasons: 1) aside from the large family formal shots, I felt no pressure because we already captured so many great shots of Audrey and Alex at their groomal session a few weeks back, and 2) My good friend Garin joined me to second shoot. She helped me whip through the shot-list, and since I'm a little less mobile these days, so she took it upon herself to run and fix wardrobe issues since it would have taken me at least 4 times as long. Thanks Garin!

Just after their families left, Alex and Audrey gave one another their wedding gifts. He's a huge James Bond fan, so she gave him 007 cufflinks to go with his tux :) and he gave her a crystal statue of the Provo Temple.

and the getaway...


erin said...

Love love love the shot shooting up into the flowers with their faces in boca. Love it.

gbrooks said...

oh i love them! it's fun to see my memory of the day in your photos. and thank you again for letting me tag along, it was fun and i learned a ton!