Tuesday, June 15, 2010

English Peonies

My grandfather's great grandfather brought peony bushes with him when he moved from Maxstoke, England (near Birmingham) to North Ogden, Utah. When my grandparents moved to Springville, he went to the home of his great grandfather and asked the owners of the home if he could take one or two starts home with him so that he could grow his own from the original plant.

Grandpa told me that it is his wish that one of his descendants will take a start from these peony bushes when he's gone and carry on the tradition. I'm hoping he hasn't told all of his children this specific wish, so maybe the plants will still be around when I have a home someday. He gave me permission, now I just need to cross my fingers that I'll have a garden in 20 years (I'm planning on my grandparents living until they are at least 95, of course).


Hot Hot JJ said...

Did you cut any? Surprisingly the look really awesome cut, and they last longer than expected!



erin said...

Well I didn't know about that, so thanks for publishing the news for all the family who reads your blog! Lol. Will you share? :)