Sunday, October 24, 2010

M Family {New York City Family Portaits}

Meet the M Family: Dad, Lollipop Girl, Batman, and Mom (Halloween costumes make great nicknames... and result in awesome smiles) We had a delightful session on this perfect day in NYC. I can't even describe how amazing it is shooting here. Not that Utah isn't fabulous, but let's face it, there's probably not a cooler place to be a portrait photographer.

I loved capturing the amazing bond these parents share with their darling children. Batman and Lollipop Girl are the sweetest little friends. I'm hoping my kids like each other as much as these two do.

For you NYC mamas out there, Jessica writes for Macaroni Kid, a weekly newsletter of family-friendly events and activities based on your neighborhood. She writes for downtown NYC and you can check out her site HERE

and the "we're done, lady" shot (one of my favorites)


President's Mommy said...

I LOVE this shoot :) You are awesome!

stacey said...

what a beautiful family! and beautiful photos, as always!

murphyfam said...

Thank you for taking such beautiful pictures. We loved working with you!!!

Jennifer said...

*gasp* that picture of the whole family in the park with everything in soft focus behind them and the colors so beautifully working together and them looking like a happy family? that one was my favorite.