Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Chatsworth House {Derbyshire, England}

It's been a dream of mine to visit Chatsworth House, and this summer that dream finally came true.  The grounds were incredible, and the interior of the beautiful home didn't disappoint either.  I was surprised when I realized I didn't take many pictures, but truthfully, I was just trying to soak it all in.  That, and I accidentally deleted most of the images I took of the grounds. At least I still have most of the portraits with my husband and children.

I'm sure you've had the experience to be in a place and have a difficult time capturing the way it looks and feels through photos. It was the weekend of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, so there were all sorts of fun festivities (look close and you'll see a 400 foot dining table set up for picnickers, and there were also old-fashioned carnival games and music).  It was just an incredible, festive atmosphere.  I'm glad to at least have a few images to remember this perfect day. 


And this is what the area surrounding Chatsworth looks like: Derbyshire. The landscape is simply stunning. Our GPS took us on several detours through hilly, one-way dirt roads, and I was pretty much in heaven. 

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