Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Cotswolds {Gloucestershire, England}

The Cotswolds. Nothing I could say would have the slightest hope of conveying the charm and beauty of this incredible part of England. With the timber-framed cottages with thatched roofs, the charming stone high streets, wibbly-wobbly rooflines, the fields of sheep, the charming gardens filled with English peonies and roses, it's almost too much to take in.  It almost feels like you step back in time when you are there.

If you ever find yourself in London (which people often do), take a day trip to the Cotswolds and stay at least one night. I've said it several times before, but London is not England.  This is England.  The Cotswolds are amazing.  You'll want to stay for at least a week once you're there, but a full day will allow you to explore some of the quaintest, most charming little towns you'll ever see.  These pictures were taken just a few days before Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, and the Union Jack bunting and festive decor made these Cotswolds villages all the more charming.

Below you'll see images from some of our favorite places that are not to be missed: Bourton-on-the-Water, Upper and Lower Slaughter (aka the Slaughters), and Chipping Campden.  

Ah, England. How I miss you.

*The first picture is for my Grandpa. Peonies always remind me of him, and the Cotswolds is one of his favorite places. We visited all of these Cotswold towns with my siblings, parents, and grandparents while Kyle and I were at grad school in Oxford, and it was one of the most magical days I can remember. 






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Kendra said...

What beautiful pictures as usual! I want to visit England again! Simply breathtaking!

.kaitlyn. said...

my word, what lovely photos!!!! i studied in london with BYU for a semester and so loved our trip to the cotswolds. what an amazing summer you had!

stacey said...

so beautiful. i loved visiting there...awesome pics, as always!