Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II {London, England}

We feel so fortunate to have been in London for "The Great British Summer" as it was commonly called.  With the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, there was certainly a lot of excitement in the air.  The entire city was all decked out for the celebrations, and favorite sights of mine included the Union Jack flags at Covent Garden and on Oxford Street, Union Jack flower beds at Regent's Park, and bunting everywhere! 

The final day of of the Jubilee procession was rather rainy, but it didn't stop the celebrations. Our little family had a tea party in the morning (with chamomile lavender tea for the adults and hot cocoa for the kids), we went out in the rain to see the flyover, and then I joined ladies from my church at the Hyde Park Chapel in South Kensington for afternoon tea where I had at least 17 helpings of one of my favorite British desserts: Eton Mess.  It was a fabulous day.

Below you'll see a smattering of images from around the city near the time of the Diamond Jubilee.  I am a huge fan of the Union Jack. I love the story of its creation (patron saint flags for England, Scotland, and Ireland all overlaid. Poor Wales isn't represented), and the design is just so grand. I adore it.





.kaitlyn. said...

you are killing me with all this british mania over here. i love all the flags. convent garden is my fav. im dying to go back!

Kel said...

how I love this city and the union jack. thanks as always for the beautiful pics.

what a summer you've had!

stacey said...

so fun! and you are right, the union jack is pretty sweet. awesome pics! i feel like i was there (and definitely wish i was!)