Wednesday, June 3, 2009

'Benik birth story' by Jonathan Canlas

This is by far the most beautiful birth story I have ever seen captured through photography. Jonathan shot our wedding and has remained my favorite photographer since I've known him. He shoots film exclusively, and every image he posts on his blog is amazing (and most of what he posts is SOOC- he's incredible). If you're into photography and he's not on your blogroll, he should be.

Seeing these images made me feel and remember. They made me long for the day when I will experience the joy yet again that comes from welcoming a child into the world. That's what good photography does.

Jonathan's images are even more poignant considering what is going on with his own wife and unborn son right now.

Take a minute and look... and try not to cry.


AlliSMiles said...

I know! I saw them early this morning and almost died. I wanted to book him right them and there for a future delivery!

Catherine Watts said...

Hi Leslie, Hope you read your comments. I'm Catherine form The Sewing Attic. Just trying to contact you to say you have won 2 fat quarters on my may day giveaway. I decided to do 2 giveaways and your name got drawn for the 2nd one. Can't find your email address so can you please contact me and leave your physical address so I can post these goodies out to you. Thanks. Beautiful photos by the way!