Monday, June 22, 2009

Rangoli floor art

The British Museum has a huge exhibit featuring the culture and art of India. To kick of the beginning of the exhibit they are having all sorts of events, workshops, and talks. We were lucky enough to be there during this wonderful demonstration of Rangoli floor art. It was amazing to watch this artist work. And he even let me take his picture. What a smile!


erin said...

Man, everyone lets you take their pictures. Even the British bobbies. It must be Ella's charm. Or something. :)

Emily said...

I've never heard of that. It's really beautiful! What a neat thing to get to watch the creation of. It makes me want to get out and explore. I know even less about eastern arts than western, and I credit you with some of my interest. Your pictures and explanation of the Alhambra (did I spell that at all right?) fascinated me.

Melissa said...

Gorgeous! Reminds me of photos that I found once of people having street fights with the powder. Looks like so much fun! Like here:
Don't you want to do that!

p.s. my word varification is "stessi"- reminds me of one of your nicknames for Stacey!

Janak Chauhan said...

Dear Freind
I am the Rangoli Artist who did this Indian floor art called Rangoliat British Museum. Thanks for postng these images and showing to people around the world. I am really thankful to help me spread this dying art.
Any one interested to know more about this are welcome to ask and can contact me on
Janak Chauhan