Monday, June 1, 2009

Something old

I saw this ring on Portobello Road on Friday. It looked old, and I love it when old things look old. It was marked £15, but when I dug through my pockets and showed the booth owner my measly £3.05 in coins as a joke, he told me he'd take it. Well, he'd take it if E smiled at him, and smile she did. So although the setting is sterling silver, the stone has to be a fake. But really, for £3 who cares!

As soon as I got home I took a toothbrush (remind me to buy the Mister a new toothbrush) and went to work cleaning it up. I was so excited to see it sparkle as I pulled it from its sudsy bath and rinsed it off.

I loved the way it looked before, but it's sure lovely now! The setting is sterling silver and I need to take a picture from the side. I've never seen a setting like this before and I love it. £3 well spent, I say.


Mari said...

It's pretty! For 3 I'd say you've done real well. Love it!

Amy B. said...

Way to bargain and use your smiley baby...